Sunday, November 7, 2010

PICS on the Stroll-----LES lower east side, Manhattan NYC

This is  just a wall down town in the les. I love walking around NYC man!  I get to travel for work pretty often and i usually make it my business to walk around at least for and hour in every place i get to visit. I got to see the rediculously clean streets of Sandiego, live in the the Park in North Hollywood for a year, check out the beach everyday in Santa monica but nothing could beat My NYC! I know there are bunch of places i've never been to but i'm pretty Stuborne and biased.  I'm a Scorpio and a Sagitarius so I need a lot of  exercise in my life daily. I f i dont get it i dont feel good.
Just living in NYC provides that for me.  If you haven't been here it's like a conveyor belt and you have to walk fast all day acting like a yellow cab sometimes swooping in between people.  all ya'll from NYC now what i mean.  at some point it actually becomes like a game or enjoyable.  I aso find myself wasting time so i can have a reason to rush. Anyway  I love the wall and the shadows on it.  there was actually a guy taking a picture of it and a i jacked it.  sorry fam.

Well i'm out lata ya'll

sorry for the typos but i do most of these on my mobile and i have big fingers. lol

Max T
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