Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Note to My fans and friends!

First off I just want to thank all my Fans and Friends for being so supportive and positive. I really do appreciate all the kind words and well wishes I've recieved over these last few months of being on OLTL. It means a lot when someone tells you that you have affected their life in even the smallest way, and it's part of what drives me to kick down doors when there shut in my face and stay motivated . I love being here at OLTL and hope to stay here for a long time. I appreciate all Fan emails and respond to them personally, so let me know what you think!

You can write me these ways
Facebook- Max Tapper
Twitter  - @maxtapper

 I like to keep it short and sweet!
 Thank You.

I've also been asked where to write or call, and who to direct it to if you want to send in fan mail or just say what you think of the show or my character. Was that a run-on sentence or what? Well, here it is!

Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are the Producer and Writer respectively and would love to hear what you think about my character and what type of story lines you would like to see created for Det. Theo Price
You can now write to Me,
as well as Frank Valentini (Producer) and Ron Carlivati(writer) at:

 One Life to Live, ABC-TV
320 West 66th Street
New York, New York  10023

Do not forget to call the ABC Comment Line at:
818-460-7477, fan feedback & viewer comments
 for our show is always most important!

Again, I love You all and Thank You!


  1. Big cheese ball...I love this...splash ur name high max..your just that good...I love ur charactor det price..they should defiantly write more for him/you!...reach high...we love u in connecticut....

  2. You will mos def be getting mai from me. Your mailbox will be on overflow from now on. Keep u the great work. Much Love, B.


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