Monday, January 17, 2011

Ramblings.....U believe in karma?

Hey Friends it's bin a lil' minute. Things are all good, and the year is starting off nicely. I should be going down to Miami next week  for work and i'm def looking Forward to getting out of the cold for a little while. It's the middle of the month and things are just now getting back to normal.  I had a crazy karmic weekend that i wanted to share with you guys, amidst all the other stuff i may talk about.  last friday the sun was out and everybody was lookin cold but Fly in the city. You know my favorite thing to do is walk around the city. i may do 40-60 blocks a day on the normal . i always choose to walk when possible just cuz there's better scenery than on the A train. Anyway i saw two homeless guys at different points on my walk looking really bad and cold to boot. So i reached in my pocket a lil sumthin' Sumthin',  and gave them a few dollars, nothing big and truly i could have spared more. The point was that the first guy almost looked like he was saying "com'on that's it" at first. I had headphones on so i coudn't really hear what he said but his face and body language said sumthin' slick. The second homeless guy said  thanx but he never even looked at me. I am a man of principle, so I almost wanted to take take it back and give him a 1 minute monologue. Anyway I sucked it up and continued steppin' and two hours later I got 2 calls with good new. It was some Karma at work there.  I've always noticed when I do little things for others, even if it's only making someone laugh, I'm always rewarded in some way through out the day.  Just wanted to share that. Helping the less fortunate is easy and it brings good things in your life.

Also i'm still hyped off the Jets Crushin' Brady like that. Go Jets

Be back soon.....


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