Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Moon from outside my house and Mike Epps!

What's up guys, sorry I've been on hiatus for so long. A lil less than a month I think. But anyway, I know you guys got to enjoy yesterday (Friday) and that beautiful 60 degree weather, right! It was a nice reminder of what's to come with spring. It was also a beautiful night. That picture is the moon standing in front of my house. The sky was so clear, I was out there in just a long sleeve. So what the hell just happened with today?This is crazy! Cold and windy , one of those good days to stay home. I didn't have liberty to do so but I thought about it all Day. LoL
I end up watching a lot of comedy shows in the winter b'cuz I luv laughing out loud in my living room with my favorite people. My favorite comedian right now has to be Mike Epps. He Is so funny that I slap the couch and run around the house bugging out. I'm trying to get tix to see him at MSG in March. This Guy is instinctively funny and I heard he's gonna play Richard Pryor in the new film coming out. You've gotta look on Showtime On-Demand and check him out, you wont regret it. There should be two shows up there from him.This is definitely rated r humor for the sensitive eared people, but you'll die laughing anyway.
I just wanted to drop by an say hi really. And also give you a few fragmented thoughts of mine! Hope all is well with you all, and I'm back on the blog for those of you that asked. I'm OUT!

I Decides to make some Turkey pot pie tonight, with rice flour for the crust. Gluten free and I'm gonna make them in these personal bowls for 1 serving. Tryna impress my lady!
I got out the gloves and goggles. Ill send you guys a pic when I'm done lol.
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