Sunday, April 17, 2011

My show got cancelled and the Knicks were robbed!

Hey ya'll, what a crazy week. First I find out on FB that my show One Life to live is being cancelled and Then my Knicks get shafted by the refs in Boston.  Where's the humanity? lol

Anyway, as many of you  know the iconic show One life To Live has been cancelled in favor of some new and cheap to produce reality shows.  I honestly am just happy I had the opportunity to work on such a historic show and  will always thank the producers, cast and crew for always making me feel at home.  That was truly a dream gig for many of us actors on the soaps and we all hate to see OLTL go.  It's Not just because we are out of a job, but because we no longer get to see all he faces and personalities you grow accustomed to seeing on a daily basis.  It just stinks to find out on FB lol!  There will always be more to come and rest assured that I will keep everybody updated on what I'm up to right here on FB or Twitter @maxtapper.  make sure you follow me to stay informed.  And for all those out there that ask my why Detective Theo Price  hasn't been on in a while, email OLTL at this Email  or call the comment line at (212)-456-3338 and tell them you miss Price and they need to get me on before the show! Thanx in advance.

Anyway, then to top it all of my Knicks get robbed in Boston.  Not cool at all guys.  We all know age is creepin up on you  and your superpowers are not always as reliable as they used to be but don't sleep and think the knicks cant win it.  My deep seeded dislike for Boston was just inherited since I grew up as a Knicks fan in the Pat Ewing Era.  Pat's my favorite player of all time and a fellow Yaard man ( Jamaican). I personally remember the Knicks putting the Larry Bird era to a rest back in the days and it's definitely time for my New Knicks to end this Boston reign.  Yes, I am a knick fan at all costs. They just dealt with some bad karma for a decade after treating P Ewing so bad at the end of his career . These new knicks are definitely gonna make some noise , now and in the future. Lets scrap with Boston, wrap em up, then move on. I must admit though Ray Allen is a beast! I have high hopes for these  guys. Go Knicks!

till next time friends,


  1. Hey Max I will drop OLTL a line to bring Det. Price back.

    Kenny Fullman

  2. So Max, what are your plans after OLTL? I've been calling in for them to give you more airtime, I really hope they are checking their voicemails.


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