Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Saturday!!! Fort Green Festival 6-25-2011 BK Stand up!

There is nothing like the summer time in NYC, and this weekend was definitely one for the books!   I look forward to all the free concerts, BBq's, house parties and picnics that come with summer, and I definitely had more than I could have asked for these last few days. Brooklyn will always be my home borough so I hold a special place in my heart Her. Some may disagree with me but I have always seen Brooklyn as the mecca of culture, in NYC. You ever go to a concert and they ask where Brooklyn's at?  Say no more! Don't get me wrong, I love all of NYC but if you got a problem with it write your own blog! lol

 There is a certain pride we roll with.  Anyway, it was the Fort Greene Festival this past Saturday and it was Rammed. Easily 20,000 people of all different background and cultures enjoying themselves to the best music and amazing food from local shops and vendors. One of my Favorite artists by the name of Mos Def was headlining the show and he did not disappoint. He came out with his usual off the wall Bk sh!t that we all came to see and they even took me back a couple of years by having Medina Green on the bill! Medina Green is a group comprised of Mos Def and his brother DCQ and a few other nice Mc's. Here's one of their more notable joints, Crosstown beef.

They took me way back and had me looking for all the old Vinyl I used to have of UTD ( Urban Thermo Dynamics), the original group of Mos and his brother (DCQ) and sister (CES) were in back in the day.  Here is one of their old joint I used to have on burn. Check it out!
"My kung Fu, is the style you haven't mastered",  I Easily listened to this 30 times a day back then in my cassette player with coby headphones. Coby headphones where $5 back then from liquidators! and you had to have a TDK! If you don't know what that is, I can't help you. lol. Just joking, its a brand of cassette tape.
 Also Check out manifest destiny by UTD as well.  This is true hiphop man!

If you even dare tell me your a hiphop historian or was down from back in the day and you don't know these joints, I'm giving you the side eye and a funny handshake. lol

A lot of good artists were on the bill such as Res, Rahzel from The Roots fame, Game Rebellion, Navengante and more.  Sonically everything was on point.  One of the highlights of the day was I also got to see my Fellow Temple Alumni, Res destroy the stage. She was bonkers! ....And I mean Bonkerz. Check her out here . She's an awesome talent! New Album on the way.

Another thing I love most about NYC as a whole is you really can't walk more than 20 feet without running into someone you know. That being said, it was like a big reunion. Nothing but good people and fond memories, and a lot of catchin' up with old friends.  Shout out to everybody I ran into on Saturday, that I hadn't seen in a while. You all made the day more special. True words!

 Even after the event Fort Greene was on smash because nobody went home. We just all hung and kept it social with all the great restaurants and lounges around. All in all I had a great time and I didn't get out of there till way late in the night!  Now I'm looking forward to next Saturday. I'll holla then. PEACE

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