Saturday, July 23, 2011

You should be doing this workout now!!!!!!! for your best body.

Hey Fam and Friends, sorry for the delay but i'm here. i keep having people ask me about the best workouts and what they should be doing to look their best.  Well here it is! this is hat you should be doing and I have %100 percent confidence that you will make insane differences in your body in a short period of time. Big Muscle and Big movements! that's all!

We are going to do experiment. Stop spending  time on all the small muscled and single joint exercises like bi's,  tri's, calfrasies, wrist curls etc.... and just do big multi joint movements that incorporate everything 3-4 times a week.  You will also have more cardiovascular, and muscularly intense workouts, but much shorter ! You goal to get it done not stretch it out.  Try to do you workout as fast as you can with perfect control with the shortest rest.  So be very cognizant of time. 

Make sure you have full control and core stability is up to par or start out slower then build up.


Kettlebel swing. 
Start out with reps of 20. Start out with a weight to control because it's a lot of work for your lower back and legs. Increase to a weight you handle for only 12 reps! 
Dumbbell Press on Exercise ball.
 The heaviest you can lift with perfect form to 15reps
Upright rows with the kettle bell.
The heaviest wright you can use for 15 reps with without stopping. no pause between reps

Bentover rows with kettle bell or dumbells. 15-20 reps
The heaviest weight you can handle to 15-20 reps. i prefer you to put your free hand on you other leg and stand squared up.  it put more of a challenge on you abs.
Lunges with your back leg on a bench  
 20 reps.    Try to deal with the burn and go straight through to 20 reps without stopping. If you lose your balance the rep doesn't count. Don't cheat yourself. Balance and control.

Pikes on the ball. 
15-20 reps. Take your body as high as you can and hold at the peak for 3 seconds!
That's it.  Do 3 -4 sets of this circuit.  Make sure to start out with weights you can handle before bumping up the intensity.  Remember the point is to lift the heaviest weights you can handle in successive multi joint exercises.  That also means your body will get very tires.  Make sure you are aslo suplemmenting with Bcaa's and Glutamine.

Try out this workout and let me know how it works for you.  It's guaranteed results.  All the little muscles will be hurting and your arms, legs, chest and back will look insane.

Keep me updated.


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