Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coat of the month!!!

Oh man, most of you guys that know me personally know how much I like to shop.......Yup , just like a chick.:-)   I was a momas boy so I basically learned from the best , especially since my mom's job still to this day seems to be full time shopper lol. Luv ya Ma!

But I get inspired by dope outfits and today my ispiration fall
in the form of this dope ass coat I just saw at the Ben Sherman store in soho nyc.  OMG I went crazy!  As the homie @Ghostface would say,  "I had visions! "  lol
Check this out army green canvas snorkel with thick black leather arms with elbow patches.  Insane! $850 on sale for $475!   I must purchaaaaase.. (Beldar from the coneheads voice) Unfortunately they only had L. Slightly too small.....I coulda pulled it off....but not for 500, it better fit. Im calling the Boston store!
I love ben sherman clothes . Always cool clothing and there shit always fits me! Even at 6-5 230!  Good work Ben.

Later alligataz..

...a day in the life of Max Tapper

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Out and about Last night! Cadillac and The Dalloway

What's good party People? I hope I'm reaching you all in good spirits.

 Man, Last night was a blast! I stepped out with my Publicist and all around cool guy BJ Coleman for a night of elbow rubbing and Free booze. I know, sorry I didn't call you, but I gotcha next time, trust me ;-)

  Our first stop of the night out was the Cadillac Book party at Lincoln Center for the 110th year anniversary of the great american car maker Cadillac. It was a a cool Event with some beautiful cars and lots of cheese and pepperoni. I  mean literally tons of cheese and pepperoni.! I went to town :-)

 We enjoyed a few cocktails . Well, a few more than that few.....:-) and checkout some of antique vehicles on display while we picked up some goodie bags for our very own Cadillac book.  I think i'll throw this one on the coffee table.

 Next up we hit the Grand opening party  of the @DallowayNYC, a very cool spot in Soho.  There was a good crowd, good music and an assortment of complimentary libations to keep everybody festive. I sure was :-). Especially when I kept telling this girl her finger was on the lens and she kept saying "I know". Check the end result. lol hahaha.  That was hilarious......

OK party done! Time for some chow at cafeteria with the Homie.  A shortrib sandwich with some kind of melted cheese! Whaaaat!! It was insanely good!  I cant believe I deleted the picture by mistake :-(. Boooooooo..... Better as just a memory anyway. Way too tempting .

Anyway, I called it a night with cool red Assouline bag in hand and a Super Sized Cadillac coffee table book.  All in all, it was a good night. Til next time friends........... Peace!

Check below for a few cool pics from the book

A day in the life of Max Tapper.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fitness tips from your favorite trainer :-)

Hey guys and gals, its a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!!  Go outside and exercise :-)
...As I come back from my morning run in the park, I think about how many people I see wasting their time with foolish exercises and gym science. There's the guy in the silver foil suit and headband who thinks he can just sweat his way to a smaller beer belly, and then there's the lady gangs wearing those ridiculous platform sneakers in the quest for a tight booty. Lol are you serious! Have you ever seen anybody with a nice ass wearing those push up sneakers? I rest my case...
  I know everybody out there can't afford a personal trainer to help in the quest for their most fit self,  .......... but somehow you can always find a way to afford an expensive pair of shoes ....or handbag....or ipad or........well, you get the drift. We need to start talking priorities here! Working with a trainer doesn't mean a long term commitment. You can do as few sessions as you need or can afford. It means being smart and actually absorbing good information and putting it in practice. Doing your homework and asking question about programming and application will be what makes you self sufficient and in control of your own body. Remember, Knowledge Reigns Supreme.   

With that being said, I teamed up with @howcast  to bring you some basic instructional fitness videos online.  It says men, but our bodies are the same.  Everyone can do this. Stay tuned. This is just the beginning but there will be many more to come and possibly a DVD series. Watch out!

Stop by the You Tube page.  Hey, you might learn something! 

Lata Alligataz

.......A Day in the life of Max Tapper

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Favorite Jamaican Recipes!!!!

Good Mawnin, Wha gwaan out there!   I just thought I'd start off your morning by making you privy to some secrets passed down in my family for years.  The secrets to good Jamaican cooking.......
I've been lucky to always have great cooks in my family. My mother, father, grand parents, aunts, and uncles all have/had the Midas touch in the kitchen, and made every occasion or holiday gathering a feast to be remembered.  I'm talking ackee and salt fish, ox tail and rice and peas, escovitch fish, roasted yams, jerk chicken and pork, bamee, roast bread fruit, curry goat and chicken, you name it!  Oh man, my mouth is actually salivating right now. I almost drooled on the keyboard.

Well guess what? These secrets to good Jamaican cooking are no longer secrets. My mom and two aunts  just put out a cookbook called "Our favorite Jamaican Recipes" to help you get your Bob Marley on. It's filled with Photos, descriptions, and instruction on how to make traditional Jamaican dishes in your own home.  It'll bring out the inner Rasta in you, trust me. Lol

Check out the Facebook page for Our Favorite Jamaican Recipes and make sure you "Like" it

You can also buy the book on Amazon with this link Our favorite Jamaican Recipes

And check out their blog and website Here

This has made me hungry...Breakfast Time
A day in the life of Max Tapper


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 more Years!! Obama Yo Mama!

Hello America, I hope you were sitting down and watching this 2012 election knowing that , good or bad, you did your part and cast your vote . This was so important for us as young Americans to give this  leader a second chance to bring this country back to global prominence. It got a lil tense during the ballot count , but deep down I knew President Barack Obama would win again and serve another term. I knew you guys were smart enough to spot a used car salesman when you see one and not fall for the okey doke. I knew you guys were smarter than believing the lies of a running mate with the eyes of Gene Wilder. Crazy lookin people to crazy thing ya know..........  We all know Real change takes time, and the reality is 4 yrs isn't that long. Certainly not long enough to guide us out of that insane mess inherited in 08'.
This takes me back 2 elections ago when I first started really paying attention to politics.  My two good friends @sharonlouden and @vinsonvelega are the ones who got me to really open my eyes and pay attention to the choices that affects my life and those of my friends and family. I remember sitting with them during the disappointing Kerry loss in 04 and I remember how dejected we were.  Today is a far cry from that low and I feel even more confident than ever about our choice for Commander in Chief and the direction of this great country.
It is now 3:00 am and I am still flying high with Hope and belief in a better America. We made a choice we knew was better in 08 and it was still the Better choice in 2012. As buzz light year would say, "to infinity and beyond" my brotha.
4 more Years!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Hoppin' on Saturday!

Hola people, hope you all had a great and eventful Pre Haloween weekend.  I know a lot of you guys went out to some cool parties to celebrate with friends and get dressed up like a weirdo, and I was no exception.  Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. There is just something about embarrassing yourself with the support of others embarrassing themselves at the time that unifies the masses.  I stepped out with some of my friends and had a blast.  I laughed alot, saw some awesome costumes and I got to meet some childhood hero's and took whole bunch of pictures.

First off, the spirit of my Uncle Willis, the OG  from Brownsville BK took over my body. He was originally the fourth member of Run DMC but they were hating on him so he went solo and had a awesome rap career in Thailand.  He even won two Mammy's ( the Malaysian Grammy)

I got linked up my my man Nasty Nate (leader of the south side cartel who just escaped from prison and didn't think it would be a good idea to change his shirt and blend in so he just tucked it in), and that guy in the nun mask with the pony tail who talked me to death.
We set out on a mission, but we had god on our side which is evident by the blessing Jesus (Slick Nick) gave us right before we walked out the door.

 Shouts out to Mister (Jake the Snake) and Misses Potato head who stopped by for a cocktail and a bong hit!

Then we headed off to fight crime. On the way i ran into a Caped crusader in a spandex one piece, cat woman and the Chic from Fila'.  I kept think he was saying Philly........he had a strong accent. lol
I Called in backup. They sent there most decorated officers.
So we busted up in there, and I seduced the evil queen! That was Easy.... (staples button)

defeated her guards with the help of Nasty Nate and Indiana Jones.
 saved a couple damsels in distress
Helped the officers Apprehend this guy who i never liked from earlier ( just joking) and defeated the Devil (actually i think we had Vodka to thank for that)

 Mission Accomplished
Now we had a new mission. Bar NONE in LES NYC.
I Linked up with old Homies from my child hood days in Brooklyn. My boy Gumby, and Fozi Bear and Gonzo were in the house. Spock also stopped by to say what's good.

  Jail pose off!! Me and the Homie H-Plar
LL cool J is Hard as Hell, battle anybody I don't care who you tell.  Me, H-Plar, and Big Sean of the Oakland Raiders
 The Bawse PamZone frisking the bad guys
Derickforreal and Nasty Nate
Darth Vader had a lil too much to drink

 I guess we all did. A Day in the Life of Max Tapper
Happy Freakin' Halloween!