Monday, August 13, 2012

Good mornin! Happy Monday!!

Ayooooo what's happening y'all.  I'm waking up on Monday in a awesome mood. I Had a fun ass weekend and got a lil trip coming up soon to Vegas.  Work is good , Life is good like Nas and Swiss, and I'm  looking forward to this lil event i have to hit up tonight with @BJColeman ....... and it's a nice ass day!
Can you believe the summer is nearing its end! What a cruel game, I Can't believe it.
Oh well, that just proves that you are to enjoy the NOW and not get to caught up in THEN.
Anyway just wanted say whats up and post a couple pics from this weekend. Shouts to my boys Plar and Flu, Cease, Hakmania, Nate dog, Derik4real, Pam Zone, Slick Nick,and Happy B-day to Jake the Snake.

 That's a mean finger .  Master of the self portraits.
 Happy Bday to Jake the snake
 WBLS summer stage : Central Park Christopher Williams, Salt and Pepper, Eric Benet, Chub Rock
Cease, Hak whattup. Good people

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