Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday Night Out: Chris Rock's 2 days in NY movie Premier

Last night I went to the New Chris Rock Movie Premiere for 2 Days n NY.   I rolled out there with my Publicist BJ Coleman for the star studded event.  It was good time with a really funny movie and banging after party.

BJ secured us some awesome seats. Sitting next to Al Sharpton and Russel Simmons on my right side and Ice T and CoCo on my left.  ...And Chris rock sitting behind me, needless to say I was stoked. I'm a hard movie critic but I laughed a lot watching 2 days in NY, and I can honestly say I liked it. Def  Go check it out!

Then we headed to the after party at DL in the LES ( lower East Side for the out of towners). It was a real fly spot with an awesome view sponsored by Grey goose so the drinks were flowing. I met lots of cool people, most notably these two beautiful amazons, Quiana Grant and Tia Shipman. Man, Man, Man! Hey ladies.... the pleasure was all mine.
All in all I had a really good night. I'm definitely looking forward to the next night out. Come back soon. I'll be updating often. Peace.

........Oh yeah, go see the move 2 days in NY

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  1. Hey Max,
    Good to see you are still changing the face of NYC for the better.


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