Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you a Phoney???


You may or may not know this already, but I am a certified techie and gadget whore. Yup! The type that has Craigslist bookmarked and wastes a portion of every day trading , selling , and buying some sort of electronics.  Basically I'm addicted to novelty.  I like new shit!

I find most of my searches are for new phones. On my list, my phone is probably my number one concern. Its basically the hub of my life.  I truly hate to talk on the phone so I mostly text and email for communication, and most of my social media , scheduling and whatever else pretty much happens on my phone . So for the last 8 months ( 10 years in gadget time) Ive settled on the ultimate phone in the Samsung Galaxy S2. The best phone I had ever had and trust me I've had every phone worthy of the crown.  I had not a reason in the world to change it.  It was lightning quick, did everything with relative ease, was easy to hack and put cooked up Roms on and had a huge screen.  But as fate would have it,  I wanted bigger and better.Wait..... Have you seen the size of my hands??  I thought about the Galaxy S3 but I wasn't too fond of the body shape.  So after a couple of days of Craigslist trolling I sold my GS2 for more that I bought it for a couple months ago and acquired a new Samsung Galaxy Note. Basically the same freakin' phone but much bigger.  I am happy to announce to you all that I am in love! ( John Legend - Tonight comes on.......best you ever had.......... I am staring at my phone)

But the real meat (comedy) of the story is........ there were 2 days in between where I didn't have a phone at all and had to just grab an old school clam shell phone to get by.  Man, I realized just how shallow I have become . I swear I didn't even take it out my pocket in public.  I was so embarrassed!  Like who gives a fuck really,  right?  But obviously I did.   If a pretty chick came by, no matter what or who I was texting it was immediately over. Not to mention that old school boop boop boop with every key stroke.  And sometimes you're pressing the button 3 times for one letter.  So a 5 letter word could have up to 15 boooops! Can you imagine a sentence?  Do you know how freaking  annoying that is! LOL. Well,  I am so happy those two days are over.  Plus I had no music for my daily commute. Boooo, a big no no! I blacked out so I probably bit off a couple heads in those 48hrs, but as I said I blacked out and dont remember so I can't be held accountable for it ;-)

 Anyway, it's Kind of crazy but I realized my phone was some sort of status symbol for me. Akin to pulling my Maybach out the driveway when I'm pulling my phone out my pocket to input someones contact or snap a pic.  Do you even bring you camera anywhere now a days?  Hell no!  Just to lug something else around? Nope, not when I got this Swiss Army knife mini computer in my pocket. I guess if I actually had a Maybach I probably wouldn't compare it to whipping a dope phone out my pocket, but who cares. Your in my world right now.......
So where am I going with this......not sure..... I ramble writing. Basically I just wanted to know if your a Phoney too?

I just thought I'd share that tidbit with you.  Step up your phone game lol.

A day in the Life of Max Tapper!  Till next time.


  1. I love learning in general, because I find knowledge exciting. So when I find out that I can do something on my phone that I never knew about before, I immediately go all excited geek :) Technology is one of the best things to ever happen. And with free social media on phones, we truly never have to talk on the phone again! Yaaaay!


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