Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Hoppin' on Saturday!

Hola people, hope you all had a great and eventful Pre Haloween weekend.  I know a lot of you guys went out to some cool parties to celebrate with friends and get dressed up like a weirdo, and I was no exception.  Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. There is just something about embarrassing yourself with the support of others embarrassing themselves at the time that unifies the masses.  I stepped out with some of my friends and had a blast.  I laughed alot, saw some awesome costumes and I got to meet some childhood hero's and took whole bunch of pictures.

First off, the spirit of my Uncle Willis, the OG  from Brownsville BK took over my body. He was originally the fourth member of Run DMC but they were hating on him so he went solo and had a awesome rap career in Thailand.  He even won two Mammy's ( the Malaysian Grammy)

I got linked up my my man Nasty Nate (leader of the south side cartel who just escaped from prison and didn't think it would be a good idea to change his shirt and blend in so he just tucked it in), and that guy in the nun mask with the pony tail who talked me to death.
We set out on a mission, but we had god on our side which is evident by the blessing Jesus (Slick Nick) gave us right before we walked out the door.

 Shouts out to Mister (Jake the Snake) and Misses Potato head who stopped by for a cocktail and a bong hit!

Then we headed off to fight crime. On the way i ran into a Caped crusader in a spandex one piece, cat woman and the Chic from Fila'.  I kept think he was saying Philly........he had a strong accent. lol
I Called in backup. They sent there most decorated officers.
So we busted up in there, and I seduced the evil queen! That was Easy.... (staples button)

defeated her guards with the help of Nasty Nate and Indiana Jones.
 saved a couple damsels in distress
Helped the officers Apprehend this guy who i never liked from earlier ( just joking) and defeated the Devil (actually i think we had Vodka to thank for that)

 Mission Accomplished
Now we had a new mission. Bar NONE in LES NYC.
I Linked up with old Homies from my child hood days in Brooklyn. My boy Gumby, and Fozi Bear and Gonzo were in the house. Spock also stopped by to say what's good.

  Jail pose off!! Me and the Homie H-Plar
LL cool J is Hard as Hell, battle anybody I don't care who you tell.  Me, H-Plar, and Big Sean of the Oakland Raiders
 The Bawse PamZone frisking the bad guys
Derickforreal and Nasty Nate
Darth Vader had a lil too much to drink

 I guess we all did. A Day in the Life of Max Tapper
Happy Freakin' Halloween!


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