Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fitness Q&A with Max Tapper

Hey guys and gals! I recently received a fitness question from a young lady on a workout plan.  I get these question pretty often but I felt it was a question many people out there are searching for an answer too.  This was all about exercises and programming and I hope this can be an informative little entry for more of you out there.

 I would first like to emphasize the seemingly obvious but often overlooked!  The truth about getting in better shape!  A huge percent of it depends on what you eat and how much you eat. You can spend hours in the gym lifting and burning calories, and then eat it all back in 1/100th of the time. If your diet doesn't support your goal, your wasting your time.

Now on to the Question.......

Question: by Stacey WM
Hi Max, we met a few months back to the Actors InC workshop in which you were a guest panelist!! I would love your fitness advice. I am currently between 117 and 120 pounds with stats 32-27-34 and I know I could be 32-24-34 or 32-23-33 because I have the build for it. I am currently in commercial print modeling and would like to branch out as a fitness model. Are you open to advising on which exercise I can do to shape up quickly, especially in time for my bday in 1 month! I'm not a big runner but I do it anyways about 2 miles twice/week however I would love to take kickboxing...sorry for the long message and thank you for your time and advice in advance.

Answer: Me ;-)

Hey Stacey good to hear from you. In all reality there are no special exercises that will get you in shape more than others.  It's the application that counts. I would suggest you do big muscle movements like squats and lunges as well and wind sprints. It's just that bigger movements result in greater joint and muscle integration and are more taxing on the body.

 They burn more calories and affect more parts of your body at the same time. Exercises like pushups, pull-ups, squats and lunges are very low risk at moderate weight and provide great results. Your basically killing a few birds with one stone.

I, personally, am a lover of circuits because they freakin work, and working antagonistic muscles result in more muscular balance and better performance.

So at your next workout try this

-10 min cardio warm up.
-20 kettlebell swing
-20 pushups . never knees on the floor. I'd rather you complete the push up on a rail or edge of a bench to make your body lighter.
-15 pullups assisted pullup machine if needed
-body squat with no weight for 1 minute straight
-walking lunges no weight for 1 minute straight.
-20 crunches. Toe touches bicycles or straight sit ups.
-15 side planks for each side.

If there is a track run a 400 meter lap or jump on the treadmill and start off slow for 30 second then run for 2 minutes at a moderate to challanging pace.

Repeat this whole circuit 2-3 times. Do this workout 3 times a week.
This does not include your required 3 days of cardio. 30 min-1hr. 30 minutes if done as cardio on days your workout, but 45 min to 1hr on non-workout days.

Kickboxing would also be great!  It'sguaranteed to change your body. The only thing i tell everybody to remember is this, the only activity that shapes your body the way you want it to look is weight training. When you use pure athletics to change your body, you body will adapt the posture that is most efficient for producing good results. Basically boxers will have pronated (rounded) shoulder and rounded backs from punching and covering up, and  cyclist will have rounded backs as well from there performance position etc.... So even if you take a kickboxing class make sure you continue to lift with proper form to keep your newly strengthened muscles in proper alignment and with good posture.



  1. Hey Max my name us Chris I'm a slim guy trying to put on weight with a fast metabolism my question is how can I slow my metabolism down so that I may be able to achieve my goal. Please advise.

  2. It doesn't matter, just stay committed not to go beyond this limit and please don't overdo it. The 90% rule is not a free for all at the dinner table. That could really wreck your progress! guarantor

  3. If you work at a desk, tap your feet for a while, any kind of movement will increase your level of fitness, even if it's only a small amount it all helps.


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