Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Week is NO STARCH WEEK!!!

Yes you read correctly.  This week is NO STARCH WEEK.  The week you refrain from all starches no matter what.  You will be energized and drop a few pounds of water weight in the process.  All you will eat during this week is Lean Protein, vegetables and Fruits and Nothing else. Emphasis on the protein to prevent yourself from burning through you meals too fast. My ratio is %70 protein, %15 vegetables %15 Fruits

 Just do this for one week and tell me how much better you feel. Be honest with yourself !!!! You eat badly! If your diet doesn't support your goal you're running in place and won't get anywhere quickly. Don't cheat yourself by thinking eating well means a restricted diet, it doesn't. It just means portion control and putting in practice a basic principal of weight management. Burn more calories than you eat. That's all!  So if your sitting at a desk all day, your calorie requirement is much less and every mini snickers and half bagel in your desk drawer becomes more than a a lil' snack.

Your breakfast this week is now

Hard Boiled Eggs/Turkey or chicken sausage/bacon/etc....
Apples, Pears, Bananas, Dates ( all High in fiber)

Your lunch.....

Grilled/Steamed  Any lean protein  (Beef, Chicken, Fish etc..)
Mixed vegetables ( broccoli, kale, spinach, garlic, tomatoes,squash,pumpkin, cucumber zucchini etc..)
or just salads. Remember emphasis on the protein!

your Dinner will be......

Stir fried/steamed/grilled Beef/Chicken/Fish
Mixed vegetables ( see above)
Night time no fruits needed unless you work at night or workout late.

Between every meal keep Nuts and dried fruits with you in case you get hungry. A lil organic trail mix from Whole Food or Trader Joe's will be a great snack.  Your goal is to never be too hungry at any point during the day. For Pre-workout snacks have a banana and some nuts or peanut butter and a apple.

And lets not ruin this experiment by adding tons of cheese and creamy sauces on top on everything.  That would make this a moot point.  let's end up feeling better and cleaner by the end of the week than you did at the beginning. Follow me? Hopefully you will see the benefit of this type of diet and decide to ride it's wave for a Lil while. :-)

Alright ladies and gents, please keep me updated as to how this works out for you in just one week. Cool?
Till next time.....A day in the Life of Max Tapper

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