Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 more Years!! Obama Yo Mama!

Hello America, I hope you were sitting down and watching this 2012 election knowing that , good or bad, you did your part and cast your vote . This was so important for us as young Americans to give this  leader a second chance to bring this country back to global prominence. It got a lil tense during the ballot count , but deep down I knew President Barack Obama would win again and serve another term. I knew you guys were smart enough to spot a used car salesman when you see one and not fall for the okey doke. I knew you guys were smarter than believing the lies of a running mate with the eyes of Gene Wilder. Crazy lookin people to crazy thing ya know..........  We all know Real change takes time, and the reality is 4 yrs isn't that long. Certainly not long enough to guide us out of that insane mess inherited in 08'.
This takes me back 2 elections ago when I first started really paying attention to politics.  My two good friends @sharonlouden and @vinsonvelega are the ones who got me to really open my eyes and pay attention to the choices that affects my life and those of my friends and family. I remember sitting with them during the disappointing Kerry loss in 04 and I remember how dejected we were.  Today is a far cry from that low and I feel even more confident than ever about our choice for Commander in Chief and the direction of this great country.
It is now 3:00 am and I am still flying high with Hope and belief in a better America. We made a choice we knew was better in 08 and it was still the Better choice in 2012. As buzz light year would say, "to infinity and beyond" my brotha.
4 more Years!!!!

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