Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Favorite Jamaican Recipes!!!!

Good Mawnin, Wha gwaan out there!   I just thought I'd start off your morning by making you privy to some secrets passed down in my family for years.  The secrets to good Jamaican cooking.......
I've been lucky to always have great cooks in my family. My mother, father, grand parents, aunts, and uncles all have/had the Midas touch in the kitchen, and made every occasion or holiday gathering a feast to be remembered.  I'm talking ackee and salt fish, ox tail and rice and peas, escovitch fish, roasted yams, jerk chicken and pork, bamee, roast bread fruit, curry goat and chicken, you name it!  Oh man, my mouth is actually salivating right now. I almost drooled on the keyboard.

Well guess what? These secrets to good Jamaican cooking are no longer secrets. My mom and two aunts  just put out a cookbook called "Our favorite Jamaican Recipes" to help you get your Bob Marley on. It's filled with Photos, descriptions, and instruction on how to make traditional Jamaican dishes in your own home.  It'll bring out the inner Rasta in you, trust me. Lol

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You can also buy the book on Amazon with this link Our favorite Jamaican Recipes

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