Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coat of the month!!!

Oh man, most of you guys that know me personally know how much I like to shop.......Yup , just like a chick.:-)   I was a momas boy so I basically learned from the best , especially since my mom's job still to this day seems to be full time shopper lol. Luv ya Ma!

But I get inspired by dope outfits and today my ispiration fall
in the form of this dope ass coat I just saw at the Ben Sherman store in soho nyc.  OMG I went crazy!  As the homie @Ghostface would say,  "I had visions! "  lol
Check this out army green canvas snorkel with thick black leather arms with elbow patches.  Insane! $850 on sale for $475!   I must purchaaaaase.. (Beldar from the coneheads voice) Unfortunately they only had L. Slightly too small.....I coulda pulled it off....but not for 500, it better fit. Im calling the Boston store!
I love ben sherman clothes . Always cool clothing and there shit always fits me! Even at 6-5 230!  Good work Ben.

Later alligataz..

...a day in the life of Max Tapper

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