Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Out and about Last night! Cadillac and The Dalloway

What's good party People? I hope I'm reaching you all in good spirits.

 Man, Last night was a blast! I stepped out with my Publicist and all around cool guy BJ Coleman for a night of elbow rubbing and Free booze. I know, sorry I didn't call you, but I gotcha next time, trust me ;-)

  Our first stop of the night out was the Cadillac Book party at Lincoln Center for the 110th year anniversary of the great american car maker Cadillac. It was a a cool Event with some beautiful cars and lots of cheese and pepperoni. I  mean literally tons of cheese and pepperoni.! I went to town :-)

 We enjoyed a few cocktails . Well, a few more than that few.....:-) and checkout some of antique vehicles on display while we picked up some goodie bags for our very own Cadillac book.  I think i'll throw this one on the coffee table.

 Next up we hit the Grand opening party  of the @DallowayNYC, a very cool spot in Soho.  There was a good crowd, good music and an assortment of complimentary libations to keep everybody festive. I sure was :-). Especially when I kept telling this girl her finger was on the lens and she kept saying "I know". Check the end result. lol hahaha.  That was hilarious......

OK party done! Time for some chow at cafeteria with the Homie.  A shortrib sandwich with some kind of melted cheese! Whaaaat!! It was insanely good!  I cant believe I deleted the picture by mistake :-(. Boooooooo..... Better as just a memory anyway. Way too tempting .

Anyway, I called it a night with cool red Assouline bag in hand and a Super Sized Cadillac coffee table book.  All in all, it was a good night. Til next time friends........... Peace!

Check below for a few cool pics from the book

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