Monday, December 2, 2013

The Foam Roller w Max Tapper

Hey everybody out there. Do you ever feel all tense and tight like you need a massage or good stretch? well i have just the right thing for you! today's topic is about the Foam roller. I know you have seen them at the gym or on TV , and maybe thought, hey that looks interesting but what does it do?   Well listen up and watch the Video. The foam roller is basically like a dough roller for pizza, but for your muscles. It helps break up adhesions and knots in your muscle and also helps warm them up and keep them flexible. Aside from those benefits, the foam roller also increases blood flow and neural information to muscles.  This is especially important for those muscles that are shut off due to inactivity and those that are over worked due to compensation. It's an amazing tool for recovery and rehab, and only few minutes a day will make a world of difference in the way your body feels and moves. Check out the video below and lets get with it!


Later Alligataz

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Breakfast Smoothie in 5 minutes with Max Tapper

Good morning everybody!  What a beautiful day today.  I'm so ready to go for a run outside right now, but first I need to feed the Machine.  That comes so inherent to me that I would need to fuel my body before any activity, but more and more I keep running into people who say they don't eat breakfast at all, or just as bad, the ones who drink coffee for breakfast.  I've never understood how we as people will run our body without end, and still think it's going to work properly.  That applies to nothing else in life, so why do we treat our bodies so bad and then expect to feel good?   Eating properly is really very simple. Eat often and in small portions.  That's it! There no huge secret to it. Sure there are food choices that are better than others, and some that work better with your system , but you'll learn that in time through your own personal experimentation.
The purpose of this post is mainly to point out our diet choices and spark people to eat a real breakfast.  It's the start of your day. The way you start the day is  usually the way it continues. So with that in mind, I decided I would give you guys and gals an easy alternative to the sit down breakfast, or the coffee and croissant pitfall. Its the breakfast smoothie. Yes, in all instances it is better to eat a real meal consisting of solid food than liquid, but if this is about convenience and productivity, then the shake is a awesome choice.  Today I'm showing you a simple and quick shake to make before you jump in the car or head for the train to work.  This is just a smoothie with banana, apples, pear, blue berries, spinach and a scoop of  pea protein (24g).  It tastes great and will get your day started right.  You can choose any fruits you want, but the goal is plainly to eat a proper breakfast.  This is also great before and after a workout!
Check out the video and hit me up!

Are you taking the 60 second fitness Challenge??

A Day in the life or Max Tapper

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The 60 Second fitness challenge with Max Tapper!

Hey everybody out there what's going on? Have you been keeping up with your fitness? Are you feeling good and looking better than ever?  I know, I know, we all have space to improve, but the reality is we need to start now.  Even if its little baby steps it'll make a difference.  Procrastination is the enemy to all of us. In all my time motivating people to workout, the biggest excuse I get is a lack of time. So I figured I would make this easy for you and create a fitness challenge that would inspire those that need inspiration and still progress those seasoned and experience fitness buffs, but requires only minutes a day.  It's called the 60 second fitness challenge and it can be tailored to fit anyone at any level of fitness.  All I ask of you is to dedicated 60 second of every hour during an allotted time, such as work or at home, to your own personal fitness. That's it! Only 60 seconds!  If your at work from 9-5, then for those 8 hours you will only need to do one minute of exercise for every hour.  That works out to only 8 minutes of exercise! If your home or work from home your requirements are the same.  Just get up off the couch or office chair and move your body for 1 minute an hour.  That's only 60 seconds! You can do that can't you? Hell yeah you can!
First we start out with easier exercises and progress to more complex one as time passes.  The beauty is, you don't have to change your exercises if you dont want to.  If you feel more comfortable doing an easier exercise then that's what you do.  It's totally up to you.  If you feel like attempting the more difficult one as time passes the option is yours, as long as you dedicate 60 second of every hour to your own personal health and fitness. You choose the hours!  That's sounds easy doesn't it.  Then Take the Challenge!

You don't have to do this alone. I want you to get your friends and co-workers to join you.  Why not?  There is strength in numbers, as well as support, motivation, and improvement.  We should all be doing this!  Even you're boss can't get mad at you. Just tell him or her that this is all in the name of higher Self productivity. And if you are your own boss, tell yourself the same thing. It's true.

Take the 60 Second Fitness Challenge!!

Take the 60 Second Fitness Challenge.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fashion Week Party Pics! HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Hey Guys It's Friday and  fashion week is here again!  And all that means to me is fly ass people, banging open bar parties, and great shows every night of the week. So I guess I really don't have to tell you how much I look forward to it do I?. )

With that said, I started it off this week going to the boardwalk empire party in the village.  It was pretty dope! Visually it was crazy sexy. Nice and dark with spotlights everywhere. Drinks were flowing and the DJ was on point. A lot of celebs where floating around, most  importantly to me Micheal K. Williams and the NY Knicks center Tyson Chandler.  They were showcasing a lot of the designs and styles made for the show. A lot of those outfits were off the freaking hook. I would definitely rock em,  but I think I'd have to get them custom tailored first. Straight up, I couldnt even fit my arm in those dudes pant legs... LOL.    Take a look below at the pics. And have a great weekend ! I'll be back with more pics from events soon.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Do-Over! Party Time....)

Hey Ya'll , happy Freakin Monday (Ok its Tuesday now...Sorry this is a day late but I've been traveling and blogging on your phone sucks). Well anyway.....I'm happy the sun came out and blessed us a lil' bit today, cuz that early gloom was making Monday a lil tuff..  Even after coming off one of the most fun Sundays in recent memory.  I'm happy I can still reminisce about it.  Yesterday, Me and my boy's Big Doxx and Trizz rolled out to this wildly popular outdoor party called the #Do-Over.  It has pretty much reach "Do not Miss" status. Last year it was in BK, but this year they brought it to the Beekman Beer Garden at South Street Seaport.  It was definitely a great time.  With tons of sun, hot Girls and Guys, sick DJ's on the 1's and 2's, unlimited  beer and Spirits, and a station for soft tacos, for lack of a better term,..... That shit was jumpin!   How was my punctuation there?.................... a lil shaky?  Oh well.
So back to the Do-Over. It was sponsored by adidas, but I didn't know why, because I didn't see anything from adidas there. Other than the welcome sign that is! Either way it was a blast.  I ran into tons of friends and made a few more to add to the rolodex..... if you know what I mean. Wink Wink :-) lol

I also brought my trusty lil Nikon so I come bearing picS. Check them out at the jump!

Talk soon

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pete Rock, D-Nice and Camp Lo at Santos Party House!!

Whattup party people! It's a brand new day!!  last week I had the pleasure of checking out the release party for "80 blocks from Tiffany's part 2" mixtape, from Legendary producer/DJ Pete Rock and the 90's rap group Camp Lo.  I've always been a big fan of Pete Pock and C.L. Smooth since my cousin Chris from Now Rule ( also known as  New Rochelle) put me on to them back in the days with a bootleg cassette tape.  Remember those?  Just $5 dollars and always had a photocopy cover. Lol.  Damn you kids are so lucky nowadays! We had to work so hard to get pirated music back in the day and the quality sucked lol.

Anyway... I've also always been a big fan on D-nice ever since the BDP (Boogie Down Productions) days and Rocked with Camp Lo hard during that Luchini era. So it was a no brainer when my boy  @Fathernamebud (Shombu theMerciful) asked me if  I wanted to roll with him and to top it off he got me in there with a press pass. That means I had the freedom to wander anywhere with my camera, even on stage, with no problem.  I was psyched about being onstage with Camp Lo.   Them dudes had things on smash for a lil' while. Crazy thing is, some of you won't even know who they are.  And that's all good, cuz I'm gonna post a link to their music Here! You can check them out out on youtube.

All in all, the show was hype as hell! Yeah I went old school on you with "hype", but that's what we used to say back in the day, so stop sweating me!. lol  :-)........ Now back to Business,  D-Nice had that shit rocking from the beginning with a mix a flavorful and funky records, then Pete Rock came on with a mind lowing set of of his own before bringing out Camp Lo.  The crowd was definitely rocking the whole times as @CampLo gave us some new material from the Mixtape , then blessed us with the Classic hits like "Luchini" and "Coolie High".  Don't you love the type of shows where you know all the words? I do! Even though I still don't don't know what the hell they were talking about on a few joints, but I just mumbled those parts. :-)
It's crazy, I always leave these old school hip hop shows happy and thank full that I got to see the creation and be a part of this wonderful artform and culture.  Now more than ever, I appreciate being born in the 70's and having the good fortune of being raised in the 80's and 90's. Those were some damn good years! We saw so many "firsts"in our generation it's mindblowing. I'm thankful everyday.

OK, now lemme come back down to earth.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I brought my cam and took tons of pics and some video, so check them out below for the visuals.. I hope you appreciate this as much as I do. Till the next time Family!

 I also Ran into Black Rob there of "Whoa" fame. He told me he's on a new reality show called the "Comeback Kings". so watch out for that one.

lata alligata

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Me in the bathroom mirror!





D-Nice and Pete Rock switching sets 

Pete Rock on the Mic


Pete Rock , D-Nice

Pete Rock 

Pete Rock 

Bartenders......Good people... and she was cute ! )

Pete Rock and D-Nice

Camp Lo


Camp Lo
This kid was gettin' busy

The Crowd

@Jumz and @Shombuthemerciful



I was acting like I was the official event photographer on this one. lol )

Lo hats

Camp Lo

Crowd View

Black Rob lookin pretty toasty.  Nice shirt Rob! Lose the hat though...