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Fitness Q&A with Max Tapper -Workout of the week

Hey everybody out there! Happy Friday!Today we are going into the MaxxResults portion of The Max Tapper Blog because our focus today is on health and fitness.  A few days ago a good friend of mine sent me this email about switching up her workout regimen. I saw this as an excellent question and one many of you out there have. I figured why not answer this question for everyone, so below is my answer and focus of today's blog.


Hey! Question, been trying to switch up my work out regimen in order to keep my body guessing.Would like no more than a 4 day gym commitment.  any suggestions, thoughts, etc? Thanks buddy


Hey Jenn, I definitely have some suggestions but most of them are going to be based on your goals. I’ll assume, and correct me if i’m wrong, that your goals are to to feel and look better and be stronger. Well it’s your lucky day because I have just the thing for you. If you were in front of me I would ask you, “so what are you doing now”? That’s very important because it determines what variables we can change to expect continued success.   You know I’m a big proponent of full body workouts, circuits, and interval, mainly because they use so many joints and muscles at the same time resulting in greater calorie burn. Not to mention the constant muscular work required by these types of workouts result in bigger more balanced muscles period... That’s the only way I workout now and I personally train many of my clients this way. 

Here we go....
Choose 4 - 5 different compound exercises to be done in a curcuit. That’s it!
These exercises must move through multiple joints and all include some for of legs either as a prime mover or as a stabilizer.  For example instead of doing a bent over row on the bench where your weight is partly supported, your going to do the bent over row with your body squared up  to a bench or rack , this way the you have one arm as a contact point and two feet on the ground as your other arm rows. This has now become more of a full body movement. Basically pick the more difficult version of any exercise you do.

1. Push-ups: Lets start of with some push-ups, but not any plain ol’ pushups.  For these pushups we are going to put your feet on a towel and at the peak of every pushup you will do a knee tuck and draw your knees in toward your chest then back out to starting position for the next rep. 20 reps

2.Barbell hang clean and push press: In this exercise you will be holding the barbell at thigh height . you will initiate the movement of the clean by driving  your hip forward and simultaneously shrugging the weight up to catch it at shoulder height in a semi squated position. Continue into a full squat then you immediately press the barbell over head. Look at the pictures for proper form.

3. Dumbbell row.  Same as described in the example.  One hand on the back of a bench or rack for support.  Square your feet and row with the other arm.  Make sure to keep a flat back. It’s not uncommon to feel your abs burning during this exercise. They are working a lot!

4. Plyometric Jumps. (Frog jumps)  for these jumps you will find a space where you can travel about 20 jumps in distance. If there is no space you can stay in the same spot.  jump straight up or forward and every time you land you touch your hands to the floor and immediately jump you know.........a frog. :-)

5. Roll out on the exercise ball or free wheel. Stay on your knees with your hands together on top of the exercise ball.  Roll out on the ball until you are in an extended position . Follow the picture.  On the way back up push down into the ball with your hands to bring you body back to it upright starting position. 15-20 reps

Well there it is!  A full body circuit that will increase your strength, conditioning and endurance. Remember, the most important part of this workout is the constant movement! Rest only as long as you need to keep it moving and choose a weight that you can handle. This workout can also be tailored to your specific goal.  If your goal is to increase muscle mass, use heavier weights. If its conditioning and endurance, use moderate weights and increase the speed of the motion

This workout can be done every other day. On non lifting days just do cardio!

I guarantee your body will change working out in circuits.  I’ll put out another workout next week that will target the same muscles but with different exercises. This way ytou can have a alternate workout, to help fight off the monotony.  

Now get out there and get to it. Let me know your progress by updates and comments to my blog.

Hope this helped Jenn!!!:-)
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