Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Timb's new look

Good morning friends, hope your feeling like a million bux today, because I'm back on one of my favorite topics.......yes, Shopping.  Yeah, I definitely got some chick in me man!  Maybe it's a bit strange, but I don't like to gamble because I'd rather buy a pair of shoes or a jacket, and I don't join the football pool at work because I'd rather by a t-shirt with that twenty.  ..and if we're talking a 20 during clearance time, I might even walk out with a T-shirt, skully and a pair of socks.  Yup I got it from my  Momma, professional shopper extraordinaire. 
Well anyway let's get to it. Remember back in the days we all had this love affair with yellow Timbs. Timberland boots, for those who don't know what I'm talking about. From now on I'll assume you do.  Well anyway, those same yellow timbs we rocked with pride are now a sign of true Cornbalism. Yes i'm sorry I wouldn't be caught dead in them any longer. The only originals I still own are the mac and cheese field boots,  but other than that no bueno.    So needless to say it's been years since I've given Timberland a fair look.  About 2 years back I bought a pair of Timberland boot company boots as a gift to myself and they quickly became my favorite shoe.  Timberland boot company brand was a whole nother' level of well designed, hand crafted shoes that were a throwback to the original boots workers used to wear back in the factories. No lie, people would stare at these boot  all up and down soho and union square.  I actually wore a whole in the sole and had to have Timberland replace them  for me. Only catch is the first ones were brown and the replacements were black.  They were limited edition so they only had one more pair of black 13's which I got. These are them. They're still still fresh to death, but the brown was just so much more universal in my daily color scheme.  Sounds crazy but I rarely wear the color black.  I haven't rocked a pair of black jeans since college, sans work.  Well That's that......lets keep it moving.

Straight out the box
 So yesterday I was walking through the garden state mall a decided to stop in the timberland store to see what they had. And a few of they're new styles are legitimately on fire. I would definitely purchase. Heres a few snap shots of some of the kicks in there. The people in there probably think i'm a bit crazy taking pics of all the shoes and actually walking out with nothing lol.  I say that to say this.  No more yellow Timbs people! Nower days our clothes are more fitted and tailored and same goes for our footwear. If your going timbos, do one of these instead.  You'll look a lot more grown up. These first pic are the ones I was drooling over,  but alas, their biggest 13 didn't fit.  So Ill pass these winners on to you. So goes the Story of my life.  Enjoy your day, lata alligataz.

These were my facvorite. too samll even in 13. a lot of cushioning inside. they were 180
Crazy too
lil more dressy still, downtown.
Shearling lined

Allways love boots

A day in the life of Max tapper.

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