Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Working on a Beamer commercial today!

Hola people! What a soggy ass day!........and I stepped in a puddle almost ankle deep this morning on my travels. Awesome way to Set it off dont ya think lol.  Today I have the pleasure of working with one of my homies big Paul  aka @physique101 on this BMW commercial we're shooting out in Astoria Queens at the legendary Silver Cup studios. I just thought I'd share a couple pics from behind the scenes with you guys.  We're basically doing body part vignettes for this spot as basketball players and it should come out pretty soon.   I'll def keep you guys updated if it's worth checking out when it airs.   Ill be saying that's my hand! !!!!! Lol
And yes I know my 70's socks are hilarious! lets get it out now.  They were like your feet won't even't be seen lol.   Only in my pics....... :-)
Talk later Ya'll.


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