Friday, February 8, 2013

ASS-tonishing Legs!!! Here's the proper way to do a deadlift!!

Hey Party people! Although the weather blows and the snow will turn into dirty soggy pools of toilet water on the streets of NYC in a few hours, I can still see a brighter day just a few weeks away. I'm talking about Spring and summer people! Yes exactly, it is really just around the corner.

Did you stick with you new years fitness resolution so far? ......huh? I hope so, but if you didn't, don't fret its still perfect time to get started.

Once the sun is here it is technically too late to start getting ready for summer. The time is now to get your act together and prepare for those short shorts and midriffs, not to mention my favorite time of the year ...Bikini season.  lol. Even Punxsutawney Phil said were gonna get an early spring.  So with that in mind I figured I'd share the proper way to do a dead-lift and make that booty stand at attention instead of whatever its doing now....:-)! This is one of the best exercised to work those glutes and hamstrings and calf muscles and add a lil extra curve.  ....And by the way, one of my favorite parts on a woman's body is her joke!

So watch the video, then hit the gym or wherever you work out, and add this one to your leg routing. After your done go buy a pair of applebottoms jeans and see if were making progress.

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Till next time

Enjoy everybody!

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