Sunday, March 10, 2013

Doesn't this make you wanna Workout!!!!

Good Afternoon my good people of planet Earth.  Today I have the most overwhelming feeling of happiness and wanting to workout.  I guess it's partly because it's so sunny in my office and it feels and looks like its 70 degrees out. I guess this could all change the minute I step .....but That's how important the sun is for me.

I just need to move today!!

Anyway, I though it would be cool to send you a bit of motivational fitness luv to jump start your day

 Watch this awesome Chelsea Piers Commercial..... Doesn't it make you wanna workout!!!!

This was shot by the Amazingly Talented Scott Mcdermott  and won freakin awards man!!
Of course I was happy to be a part of it........and so are many of my good friends from the Piers.

My second Home! Love this Place

Get your ass up and go outside. go for a run or do pushups in the park.  anything!
Thank me later ;-)


A Day n the Life of Max Tapper


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