Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exercise of the day! - Pull Ups

Hello Cyber friends!.  What a soggy and wet day it is today here in NYC.  Yuck! I can't wait to hit the gym and spark some internal sunshine in the weight room, if you know what I mean! lol . The move of the Day for me is the Pull-up.  Definitely considered the most difficult and effective movement of all back exercises. The Pull up when done correctly requires a plethora of muscles to fire at the same time while continually stabilizing your core and legs. Alongside the bench press and Squat, the pull up has long been considered one of the staple exercises on which your body's true strength is judge.

So, If it's not in your gym regiment you are truly missing out. 
...And being that is is so important, I might as well make sure your doing it right.  I see so many wrong versions of the simple pull-up. There's the guy swing back and forth like a pendulum, and then there's the guy kicking his feet in the air rounding his back, or my favorite, the guy that loves his biceps in the mirror and wont extend his arms much past 90.
There is no glory in doing things incorrectly My friends. 
Don't be one of those guys lol 

Check out my @howcast video on how to do the Basic Pull Up correctly and make you put it to good use.
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Lata Alligataz

I'm also including the Direct link for those on Mobile.  Click Here!!

Have a great Day!

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