Thursday, April 25, 2013

They're Baaaack! the One life to Live and All my Children Premiere Party

Hey what's good Party People?..................Dohhh!.. :-{o..........   Did I just show my age with that? whatever!

I know most of you know, but some of you don't know, that I had the pleasure of portraying the character Detective Theodore Price on ABC's  iconic soap opera One life to Live a lil' while back. I had a great time while working on the show and made some friendships that I'm sure will last a lifetime. It was absolutely the best training I've ever had. Having to learn dialog in one or two days and only getting 2 chances tops, to nail your scene definitely sharpens your sword.

Well, you can only imagine, that it was as hard for us as it was for the fans of OLTL and AMC when we heard it was being cancelled.  As actors we can't really voice our opinion about such matter but the fans can, and they did. We heard your voices loud and clear and so did the Online network who jumped into to save the soaps and put them online. You fans out there were integral in keeping the hope alive and ultimately what brought TOLN take the chance. Now you have your soaps back and can watch them on, YouTube or and iTunes anytime that you want.

lets be real, losing network TV is no big deal. the Net is where everything is going and technically it's no different than broadcast TV. Now with all the set top boxes and Internet TVs and tablets and smartphones you have unlimited access.  You might want to start thinking of this as a necessary evolution that prevented inevitable extinction.  If only the dinosaurs were so adaptive. 

This past Tuesday was the Premier for New OLTL and AMC and boy did the crowds come out. It was great to see my former cast mates and amazing to see so many people cheering and snapping pictures and just plain ol' excited to be there. We got to see the first 2 episodes, as well as the new look of both shows and an introduction to the cast. I personally liked the show a lot and was  really excited to see new OLTL and AMC in super HD!!
with Kelly Missal and Florencia Lazano from OLTL

With Julia Jovone Davis, Award winning make -up artist
W Julia Jovonne davis and Sean Ringgold
Sean clowning! lol
W Big Grizz from 30 Rock.  Remember I'm 6-5 ok......

w big Grizz and Sean Ringgold
I would of taken more pics but my jeans were too tight and getting this galaxy note 2 in and out my pocket, again and again was a pain in the ass. lol :-)

 Honestly my only qualm was the lack of a real tough, hard nosed, no shit taking cop like Detective Theodore Price.  Yes........ that was my character...LOL.......I'm serious though. I think we need to get Theo Price back in Llanview. I need you guys to Reach out to TOLN/Prospect Park  and let em know you want to see Detective Theodore Price back in town.

Email them here. Tell em we want Detective Theodore Price Back to kick some Ass!

Jeff Kwatinetz
Executive, Participating Partner

Paul Frank
Executive, Head of Television

make sure you guys tune in online and let the Online network know they did the the right thing. Tune in to the  for new episodes and more updated news.

Enjoy the day guys.  A day in the Life of Max Tapper

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