Thursday, April 11, 2013

Watch The new @Howcast Sports and Fitness channel promo!!

Hey guys, we can finally rejoice, Spring is here! We had some really awesome weather this week. I hope that you got outside to enjoy the sun and stock up on some vitamin D, and also pencilled some sort of physical activity in the log books.
If you didn't please think of me as that disappointed lil devil on you shoulder poking you with a pitchfork. Summer is almost here people. You are venturing dangerously close to the "aw man I done missed the boat" territory if you haven't started yet. let's get this Fitness Sh!t rollin'!

If not knowing what to do has been an excuse of yours for some time, you can no longer use it as a part your BS monologue about why you can't workout.  You now have the @Howcast Sports and Fitness channel on YouTube where you can find information and instruction on all kinds of fitness topics and exercises.

A few weeks ago I posted some pics from the @howcast shoot with my co-host Pauline Mitchell. Well here are some more behind the scenes shots and below is the official promo video. Enjoy, and make sure you give it a thumbs up or LIKE it and stop by our channel often. Later Alligataz

Pauline Mitchell Doin her thing.. 

Pauline Showing you How to do a Glute bridge

Me getting ready for my close up!

Doing some deadlifts

............................And here is the Promo!

Click here for Direct link if on Mobile

A day in The Life of Max Tapper


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