Friday, May 31, 2013

Today's Workout!! Full body blast - Touch every muscle in your body....

Hey Party people, Summer is officially here! Let's get that inner furnace lit with big compound movements that touch every muscle in your body! Boost your metabolism through the roof!!!

Follow the Workout and report back Soldier!

A Day in the Life of Max Tapper

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Fit New Yorker: Leg Day

Hey Guys, are you ready to take your legs to new heights? I hope so, cuz boy do I have something for you. This latest video I made is displaying two excellent leg exercises to get those bad boys in check. We all know what time it is..........!  If you have been diligent and on your grind during the cold months, you are probably rearing to go in your closet and whip out the short-shorts, skirts and trunks.  And I'm with that, but I also know a lot of ya'll have been slacking. So on that note, I chose two of my faves that will target every muscle in your legs, as well as your core and and shoulders. Basically these are full body exercises. So click on the vid and watch it. Then head to the gym and put it in practice!

Why????  Because The Fit New Yorker sez so!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.LOL

The time is now people!!!

Catch you on the Jump!!!

A day in the Life of Max Tapper