Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zhigge and Jungle brothers performing at Summerstage 8/6/2013

I just came back from Harlem where I caught The Jungle Brothers and Zhigge rockin live at @summerstage in Harlem. These joints bring back memories man.  I had an awesome time and got to link up with a few old friends as well.  You know I'm always on deck with the video and snap snaps, so just check the links below to see some of the videos I shot with my Galaxy Note 2. I'll also include links to artists videos on youtube. Sorry about the sound guys!  It came out a lil funky so turn down your speakers.....

I'll upload the better video from my camera later
Check it out

These guys were dope for lil while!

Here's Zhigge - Toss it up

Heres the direct link for mobile! Click Here 

Here's also the video to the song.  This was fire back in the days!!  Click Here

Here's the  Jungle Brothers and Dre from Black Sheep . I love both of these groups. Takes me back to that daisy era with De La Soul, Tribe, and JB's.  The good old days.lol

Here the direct link CLICK HERE!

Here's a dope ass Jungle Brothers Video - Straight out tha Jungle
Here's a video from Black Sheep 

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