Friday, September 6, 2013

Fashion Week Party Pics! HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Hey Guys It's Friday and  fashion week is here again!  And all that means to me is fly ass people, banging open bar parties, and great shows every night of the week. So I guess I really don't have to tell you how much I look forward to it do I?. )

With that said, I started it off this week going to the boardwalk empire party in the village.  It was pretty dope! Visually it was crazy sexy. Nice and dark with spotlights everywhere. Drinks were flowing and the DJ was on point. A lot of celebs where floating around, most  importantly to me Micheal K. Williams and the NY Knicks center Tyson Chandler.  They were showcasing a lot of the designs and styles made for the show. A lot of those outfits were off the freaking hook. I would definitely rock em,  but I think I'd have to get them custom tailored first. Straight up, I couldnt even fit my arm in those dudes pant legs... LOL.    Take a look below at the pics. And have a great weekend ! I'll be back with more pics from events soon.

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