Monday, January 27, 2014

The Kobe 9 Experience : Training with Tim Grover

Happy Monday party people! I hope you all had a great weekend and did something fun  and noteworthy.. ...
I  myself had the great fortune of getting an invite  from my home boy Stan Lumax over at Nike, to the launch of the L.A. Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant's new Sneaker, The Kobe9. .........And me being the type of guy to jump at an oppurtunity like this, said "I'm there". Lets just say the whole night was pretty dope. We met at this secret location in midtown NYC to get an intimate first hand look at the new Kobe9 and some other FlyKnit running sneakers. The setup was really cool, with tons of beaming lights and good sounds, and these large angular installments with platforms holding the shoes. It was a really cool presentation.
After a little time with the shoes we took seats and got to hear Kobe Bryant being interviewed about his new sneaker, his training style and what he calls the "Mamba  Mentality". He attributed a lot of his longevity and success to his ever evolving  training regiment with world renown trainer Tim Grover, who I might add, was also Micheal Jordan's Trainer .  After taking a few questions from the audience,  he told us that he had a surprise for us. The surprise was that his trainer Tim Grover was going to come out and train a select few of us they way he trains Kobe to keep him at the top of his game. Nike had a few shuttles outside waiting to take us to a near Basketball court, but first we all got a chance to meet and speak with the designers and creative team behind the Kobe 9 shoe.  These guys and gals put a lot of work into the Kobe9 and we were gonna get to test drive them.
So we hop in the Shuttle and they take us to a charter school a few blocks away that is already setup for the Kobe9 experience.  We walk in and all have our names on lockers stuffed to the gills with goodies like sweat suits fuelbands, socks, shorts, backpack, and a pair of Kobe9's . How dope is that?...... yeah , I know.  Now we all get suited up and get a chance to be a part of an interview session with Tim Grover himself. He gave a lot of insight on the person and athlete that Kobe is and how he approaches training such an elite athlete.  One thing that he said which I found really important was, when working with such high caliber athletes, the room for improvement is so small, that you have to really pay attention to the small details to help them improve.
 They now asked us if we had questions and or course my hand went up first.  I have had this question I have wanted to ask for a long time and he was the perfect person to help shed some light on the topic.  I wanted to know why so many of our current stars are going down with season and career ending injuries, when back in the 80's and 90's our start athletes never really got hurt. Even with all this technology we seem to be digressing.  Part of His answer was that in the past our athletes came up playing many different sports (cross training) , whereas now we usually pick one sport from youth and play that alone.  That lack of cross platform training creates more muscle imbalances and weaknesses in our current athletes.   He spoke about how MJ and Kobe both play many different sports to keep they're bodies in top shape and it showed in their ability to stay healthy for so long.
Now it was time to work out with Tim.  He split us up and ran us through a warm up, then bunch of different drills that focused on foot movement and being more efficient on defense. Then he upped the intensity and had us do a few variable speed drills and ended it off with a super intense bout of 30 burpees. We were all pretty much winded and I spotted a couple of cheaters but chose not to put em' on blast lol. We worked out for about 45 minutes, then it was time to play a lil ball.  Of course, my squad was stacked so we rolled through the tourney with no problem lol. I had my homie Chiggy Chad on the team with me so of course We got the Chip!! Finally the night was over.  We got to say good bye to Tim and snap a few pics before he hoped on a flight back to LA.
All in all it was a good night and I must admit .....The Kobe9's felt great!

You Know I brought my camera so check the flicks below.   Lata Alligataz.

Party Done.
Thanx NIKE!!!


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